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Train Better. Dance Better. Live Better.

Allow us to explain to you how we (M)ake (O)ur (V)ision (E)ven (S)tronger.

We strive to provide the necessary resources to ensure prolific futures in dance. Here is a brief rundown of how we make this happen, and how your family or loved ones benefit from such services:

  • We utilize our facility to prepare students for optimal performance in front of crowds, which equally eliminates typical inhibiting factors such as stage fright.

  • We boost confidence and overall morale of students who enroll into our academy. This particular skill carries over into other areas of their lives which may reach well beyond the boundaries of the dance world.

  • Participating students are guaranteed a boost in their physical strength, stamina, and effortless agility.

  • Improved social skills, which are acquired or enhanced through frequent engagement with our instructors, peers, and academy staff.

  • Regulates healthy sleeping schedules of students who, prior to enrolling into M.O.V.E.S., were faced with irregular sleeping habits.

  • Directly instills a sense of responsibility in our students by allowing them to learn the importance of punctuality, consistency, and dedication to excellence.

  • Opens doors to show them their untapped potential and futures in dance, and grants them direct access to concerned and committed instructors.

  • Students are shown the utmost care by giving them a safe, comfortable, and clean atmosphere to hone their craft as dancers.

Here at M.O.V.E.S. Dance Academy, we serve the communities of Vallejo/Benicia/American Canyon, as well as Hercules/Pinole/El Sobrante. The age range of our students begin at 2 years of age, and up.

Given our extensive and effective training methods, our students will be prepared to perform at our bi-annual showcase (winter in December, and spring in June) in front of an assortment of well-wishing family, friends, and other community members. M.O.V.E.S. Dance Academy boasts itself on being a family oriented dance studio, and we go to great lengths to exclusively play age-appropriate music for our students to dance to during sessions.

By enrolling your child or loved one into our academy, your investment is sure to pay tremendous dividends, because the lifelong pursuit of excellence is the underlying message that is taught at our venue. If you’ve been looking for a dance studio that will yield the best results, then look no further, because we are considered one of the best studios in our area...which will ultimately reflect upon our students’ performances and overall abilities long after they’ve left us.

Our students “Make Our Vision Even Stronger”, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The team behind the vision

Dedication. Passionate. Energetic. Resilient.

MDA's creative team and instructors consists of real professionals with over 25 years of combined experience within the music, commercial, corporate, competitive, film, and television industries.  Each with a distinct teaching style and delivery, our instructors have come to MDA to share one thing in common; to empower our youth to reach their fullest potential both on and off the stage.

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