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Brandon Fabie is a passionate & aspiring choreographer & dancer. Brandon started his dancing career at the age of 17. His tenure started in 2011 with Chapkis Dance, dancing under mentors such as Greg Chapkis, Antoine Troupe, & Jacqulyn Talavera. After 3 years, Brandon decided to explore more into street styles of Hip Hop. He then joined 1Up Crew, which focused on execution & knowledge of street styes, such as Popping, Locking, Housing, Turf, & Krump. Brandon contributed artistically to 1Up Crew’s success with award-winning choreography & vision.

Brandon now focuses on teaching to help shape the following generation of Hip Hop. His style consists of a variety of foundational techniques, movement control, diversity in styles, & musicality. Brandon hopes to pass his own knowledge & passion of the Hip Hop culture to future dancers & inspire younger dancers the way his mentors have inspired him. 

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