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Owner/Artistic Director

“Start dancing immediately. Run to the closest dance studio, and study the style of dance of the music you love. If you love hip-hop music, go to a hip-hop class. If you love salsa, take a salsa class. It will become infectious and you'll keep going back.” -- Toni Basil

If there’s anyone who has taken heed to this empowering message from a legendary figure in the history of dance, then Gee Gee Garcia has done just that.

As a native of Vallejo, California, Ms. Garcia was fortunate enough to have been raised in a town which offers a diverse range of culture, with dance being a byproduct of such a rich culture. Earning her stripes as a highly  accomplished choreographer and dancer for more than twenty years, her uncompromising affinity for dance was cultivated in her hometown, but not before venturing across the United States in pursuit of ways to share her gift with the world.

Having worked with critically acclaimed and mainstream recording artists, such as Master P. Kurupt, Amerie, Foxy Brown, Ying Yang Twins, T-Pain, and Black Eyed Peas, Gee Gee has garnered quite the resume in her career as a dancer/choreographer. Working not only as a choreographer but also a featured dancer in many of these artists’ music videos, Gee Gee has developed the necessary expertise to serve as an expert in her field, utilizing her gifts as an educator for her students here at M.O.V.E.S. Dance Academy.

As a seasoned professional in her industry, Gee Gee also fully understands the rigorous physical demands of her line of work, hence prompting her to create more awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles. She recently launched G2 Juice Company, which is her line of delicious and refreshing juices, elixirs, cleansers, and other helpful boosters for great health. In addition to providing her community with such a great alternative to the less nutritional refreshments that are usually featured in stores and restaurants across this country, Gee Gee uses this particular endeavor to do her part to educate parents and aid them in the ongoing battle against childhood obesity. “As we all know, health is wealth. Because of this, I want people to live their richest life possible”, Gee Gee says. “People often neglect the most precious resource they have besides time, which is their health. I’m here to change that not only through G2 Juices, but also through how much my students can learn and grow through M.O.V.E.S. Dance Academy”.

Gee Gee Garcia is a renaissance woman of sorts -- an artist, entrepreneur, health consultant, educator, and visionary, all rolled into one dynamic individual. It is because of her tremendous value and vision that M.O.V.E.S. became a reality, and it’s given her an opportunity to show her students the immense untapped potential that they possess themselves.

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