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Jazz Fusion/Ballet/Contemporary

I began dancing at the age of two years old when my mom enrolled me in my very first dance class. From a young age, I knew that there was something really freeing, artistic and expressive about moving and even more so moving to music. I had such an appreciation for dance because it was the one thing that made me feel completely happy. As I began twirling and swaying, I would loose track of time.

I attended dance classes consistently through out elementary and middle school. In high school, I attended Central High School, a fine arts magnet school and graduated with a focus in dance. During freshman year, I also enrolled in International City School of Ballet under the direction of Georne Aucoine where I learned the most about technique and discipline and learned to teach as well. I went on to teach dance classes locally in Georgia and danced a season with Cirque de Soleil.

I realized the importance of my talent and I want to share it with others. I believe that dancing in many ways is a form of therapy. Moving frees the soul. I love dance I want to share my love for the art.

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